My story

My story

I used to use five different products on my skin. I now use just one.

I’m one of those unfortunate people who suffer a whole array of skin problems; I had eczema as a child, mild acne in my teens, late-onset allergies in my twenties and now in my thirties I have extremely sensitive and allergic skin.

When I became pregnant with my first son, I was told by my doctor to be wary of using certain beauty products, as they might contain ingredients that could be harmful to my baby. I had never really considered ingredients lists before – my aim was only ever to achieve smooth, clear skin and I didn’t really care what was in the product.

With the added responsibility of caring for my baby, I immediately turned to natural and organic brands as an alternative and I was amazed at the immediate difference in my skin. Using something pure, organic and plant-based on my skin felt like I was feeding it vitamins and nutrients; whereas the synthetic-filled products I had previously used felt like they were just sitting on my skin to mask it.

I began blending my own skincare oils because during my second pregnancy I developed an extremely strong sense of smell and struggled to find a skincare product that I didn’t mind using.

I arrived at the formula for No.1 Nourishing Face Serum through its scent –I had never before come across a plant-based product with such a luxurious, complex and calming scent. Even after using the serum for just one day, I noticed a vast improvement to my skin and I now use it alone day and night without needing any other product to treat and moisturize my skin.

The best Mother
Nature has to offer.

Joyce Cheo, Harper's Bazaar Singapore

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