My story

My story

My story started with trust. I’ve suffered an array of skin issues throughout my life and I struggled to find a product that worked, but more importantly, that I could trust.

Pregnancy and medical advice pushed me towards focussing solely on natural products, and noticing better results, I began researching the power of plant science and experimenting with oil formulations.

I was led to the formula for our hero product, No.1 Nourishing Face Serum, by my hypersensitive sense of smell, which I had developed during pregnancy. I still believe now that Mother Nature led me to my medicine via aromatherapy.

Importantly, I will only ever use what I believe to be the highest-grade natural ingredients: those that are certified organic or wildcrafted and sourced from their native soil and therefore at their most active.

It is with strict quality control, backed by science, and a stripping back to the core of beauty that I developed Vanderohe as a results-driven, aroma-centric approach to skincare, based on trust.

The best Mother
Nature has to offer.

Joyce Cheo, Harper's Bazaar Singapore

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